Saturday, 11 February 2012

Krappy Kruetzberg

Struggling to find the tour we had planned to attend we asked local tour operator who informed us it only ran Friday and Saturday. We later discovered the tour ran every day we were just in the wrong place asking the wrong person. Over a generous serving of chicken and noodles we discussed our plan for the rest of day. Wanting to absorb as much of Berlin as possible we visited Kruetzberg. Or as we later described;  krappy kruetzberg. With our Berlin travel guide informing us that Kruetzberg was the street shopping district know for it distinctively cool vibe and famous display of street we made our way there via taxi. The combination of freezing weather and rubbing shoes didn’t help whilst wondering aimlessly round the not-so-cool kruetzberg we were expecting. We found many of the shops were ‘European’ trend based and spotted the odd piece of street art that weren’t overly impressive. Searching long and hard for shop worth visiting we eventually found roadkill. The street wear shop lived up to its high reviews. With one wall being filled with every coloured spray can you could think of, an overwhelming range of Nike trainers and attractive members of staff we knew we were in the right place. As you walked up the stairs you entered any street wear lovers environment, from old school Nike to Carhartt, the room was filled with some seriously good garments. Adidas printed wallpaper, decks and globes were all part of its ultra cool meets chic interior. It was a good end to a slightly less productive day.

KEY FINDINGS: don’t listen to local tour operator that was quite clearly just trying to get us onto the standard tourist 50 euro bus tour.

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