Saturday, 11 February 2012


One of the key reasons for our visit to Berlin was the well known trade show Bread and Butter. Located in Berlins Messe airport it showcases exciting international brands. Having previously attending Birmingham Clothes Show, I could only describe it as that, but 10 times bigger. The rooms seemed to be never ending and after spending 50 euros on a pass, we wanted to get our moneys worth. Speaking to a selection of friendly representatives, we were bombarded with new styles, innovative products and very impressive displays. The one that stood out to myself the most was Tommy Hilfigers winter themed visual merchandising. Unlike many of the other typical stalls, Tommy Hilfiger presented beautiful models, free food and of course a casual ice skating rink. Brands that also impressed me were ParisEleven, tshirt brand and hats. X hats showcased their highly impressive and bizarre hat designs from typewriters to encrusted skulls these hats were insane. Towards the back of the hall was a small exhibition for independent publication Attribute, one that I was unfamiliar with but quickly became fond of. Consisting of hanging pieces of art and edgy photography it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the main hall. I’d say that bread and butter was definitely worth a visit, however I felt that I didn’t particularly have a purpose or aim to be achieving whilst there. Perfect for buyers etc but slightly overwhelming if as an experience.

KEY FINDINGS: Tommy Hilfigger mopped the floor with its exciting VM, other brands take note of free food and beautiful models.

Krappy Kruetzberg

Struggling to find the tour we had planned to attend we asked local tour operator who informed us it only ran Friday and Saturday. We later discovered the tour ran every day we were just in the wrong place asking the wrong person. Over a generous serving of chicken and noodles we discussed our plan for the rest of day. Wanting to absorb as much of Berlin as possible we visited Kruetzberg. Or as we later described;  krappy kruetzberg. With our Berlin travel guide informing us that Kruetzberg was the street shopping district know for it distinctively cool vibe and famous display of street we made our way there via taxi. The combination of freezing weather and rubbing shoes didn’t help whilst wondering aimlessly round the not-so-cool kruetzberg we were expecting. We found many of the shops were ‘European’ trend based and spotted the odd piece of street art that weren’t overly impressive. Searching long and hard for shop worth visiting we eventually found roadkill. The street wear shop lived up to its high reviews. With one wall being filled with every coloured spray can you could think of, an overwhelming range of Nike trainers and attractive members of staff we knew we were in the right place. As you walked up the stairs you entered any street wear lovers environment, from old school Nike to Carhartt, the room was filled with some seriously good garments. Adidas printed wallpaper, decks and globes were all part of its ultra cool meets chic interior. It was a good end to a slightly less productive day.

KEY FINDINGS: don’t listen to local tour operator that was quite clearly just trying to get us onto the standard tourist 50 euro bus tour.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Reichstag, Spiked Headbands and an aquarium

A five-minute stroll away from the Meininger hotel, the Reichstag was one of the first monuments we stumbled upon. Automatically we recognised the historical architecture and surrounding grounds. Having booked in advance we visited the Reichstag on our second day, as we entered the grounds there was a high level of slightly intimidating security staff. Handing over our bags to be searched, it hasn’t crossed my mind being the fashion student I am, that I was wearing a spiked headband. To be safe, I handed it over before walking through the scanners; little did I know I wouldn’t be receiving it back any time soon. Understandably the headband was confiscated and I was unable to wear it in the building. Note to self, don’t wear potential terrorist associated headwear to foreign parliament building. After laughing hysterically at my expense we were walked into a lift that transported us to the dome; the large glass dome at the top of the building. With its breathtaking 360 degree view of Berlin it was one of the most impressive pieces of architecture I have had chance to experience. Despite the grey dull weather we could still appreciate the views whilst listening to Amy repeat the tour guide tape.

Not so alternative tour
Directing our way to berghas, our aim for the day was to explore berlin with the well reviewed ‘alternative berlin tour’. Whilst in the area we came across Raddison Blue hotel that had been recommended to us by tutors before the visit. As we walked through the doors we were struck by the enormous aquarium center piece, myself and the girls were mesmerised. Reviewing the prices of the hotel restaurant we came to the decision we would revisit for drinks later on in the week.

Key Findings of the day – Don’t wear ridiculously unsuitable accessories that could easily be confiscated to a parliament building.


Street Style

With street style being a hobby of mine I cant wait to photograph the emerging german trends, also have the bonus of Berlin Fashion week being on whilst we are there which will hopefully ensure a selection of stylish people. Some of the best street style have been taken in Berlin so fingers crossed!


Looking forward to experiencing some of the more historical parts of Berlin, such as the Reichstag. With its contrast of old architecture, and modern dome design, I cant wait to photograph the stunning views of Berlin.

Berlin Street Art.

With endless deadlines overwelming my social life Ive hardly had a chance to excited about my trip to Berlin in a week. Whilst we are there we plan on visiting Bread and Butter Trade show, the Reichstag and checking out the nightlife if we get a chance. One thing that I am really excited about is their street art, from underground to well known street artist decorate the city. Hoping to capture some of these pieces whilst Im there.