Saturday, 11 February 2012


One of the key reasons for our visit to Berlin was the well known trade show Bread and Butter. Located in Berlins Messe airport it showcases exciting international brands. Having previously attending Birmingham Clothes Show, I could only describe it as that, but 10 times bigger. The rooms seemed to be never ending and after spending 50 euros on a pass, we wanted to get our moneys worth. Speaking to a selection of friendly representatives, we were bombarded with new styles, innovative products and very impressive displays. The one that stood out to myself the most was Tommy Hilfigers winter themed visual merchandising. Unlike many of the other typical stalls, Tommy Hilfiger presented beautiful models, free food and of course a casual ice skating rink. Brands that also impressed me were ParisEleven, tshirt brand and hats. X hats showcased their highly impressive and bizarre hat designs from typewriters to encrusted skulls these hats were insane. Towards the back of the hall was a small exhibition for independent publication Attribute, one that I was unfamiliar with but quickly became fond of. Consisting of hanging pieces of art and edgy photography it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the main hall. I’d say that bread and butter was definitely worth a visit, however I felt that I didn’t particularly have a purpose or aim to be achieving whilst there. Perfect for buyers etc but slightly overwhelming if as an experience.

KEY FINDINGS: Tommy Hilfigger mopped the floor with its exciting VM, other brands take note of free food and beautiful models.

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