Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Reichstag, Spiked Headbands and an aquarium

A five-minute stroll away from the Meininger hotel, the Reichstag was one of the first monuments we stumbled upon. Automatically we recognised the historical architecture and surrounding grounds. Having booked in advance we visited the Reichstag on our second day, as we entered the grounds there was a high level of slightly intimidating security staff. Handing over our bags to be searched, it hasn’t crossed my mind being the fashion student I am, that I was wearing a spiked headband. To be safe, I handed it over before walking through the scanners; little did I know I wouldn’t be receiving it back any time soon. Understandably the headband was confiscated and I was unable to wear it in the building. Note to self, don’t wear potential terrorist associated headwear to foreign parliament building. After laughing hysterically at my expense we were walked into a lift that transported us to the dome; the large glass dome at the top of the building. With its breathtaking 360 degree view of Berlin it was one of the most impressive pieces of architecture I have had chance to experience. Despite the grey dull weather we could still appreciate the views whilst listening to Amy repeat the tour guide tape.

Not so alternative tour
Directing our way to berghas, our aim for the day was to explore berlin with the well reviewed ‘alternative berlin tour’. Whilst in the area we came across Raddison Blue hotel that had been recommended to us by tutors before the visit. As we walked through the doors we were struck by the enormous aquarium center piece, myself and the girls were mesmerised. Reviewing the prices of the hotel restaurant we came to the decision we would revisit for drinks later on in the week.

Key Findings of the day – Don’t wear ridiculously unsuitable accessories that could easily be confiscated to a parliament building.

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